Sunday, October 7, 2007

Last escape pod from a blown up ship

Here is one of my own lego creations. It's an escape pod. Take a look:

Click here to buy legos.


Business Doctor said...

Hello and thanks for your question about developing further passive income. First I must say that you guys rock! I love Lego's and I was a Lego Maniac when I was young, glad to see others enjoy them too. I would first focus on promoting your blog through the variety of host directories such as Not only an increase in trafic to your blog is important but ranking as well. I love google adsense and amazon affiliate programs, well done. I would do three things. First open an eBay account for your son. You do not need to add your financial info, you just want to open an account and use a play on words for a nifty username so in the future you have on when you decide to sell custom design, software, or ebooks that deal with Legos. The future shold never be under estimated. Your son seems to be very bright and I would explore and secure all avenues. I would develope the ME page and the MY World Page to reflect your sons Lego interests. Secondly I would hold an open call on creative original lego designs. I would review all entries. I would request those who enter the contest to provide pictures and descriptions. Every week or two I would publish the best entries. I would then email after several of these reviews are posted The Lego Company and tell them what you are doing. I would explain your son's desire to develop his tallents. See what they say! The passive income part comes in after you establish yourself as a review site. You could charge through Pay Pal a small to enter the contest. The winning design gets a prize. The prize could be an e-certificate, money, or just the fame of being posted the winner! I would look at this as a long term strategy. Third, I would look into setting up a link to your favorite Charity. Your son could start an account that would buy Lego's for those at hospitals and other places where children could use some interesting toys that provide stimulating interactions. Down the road opportunites will open up. When you help others meet their needs your needs will be met too. Use the Law of Attraction to bring what you need to your life. Like attracts like, charity and kindness envoke purpose and definition in living. Life can not be taugh but lived, be the role model your son needs to make a difference. I believe you will.

Just remember, start saving for your childs college now, also use the Roth IRA to its full advantage for your retirement! I wish you both the best and hope to talk to you soon. Check my blog weekly for new updates!

Best regards,
Business Doctor

Business Doctor said...

Hello again, I forgot to mention that being an ebay affiliate is great too. I would create a link to ebay and join the affiliate program side that deals with having others opening a store and or shopping with ebay. You probably already have this going to some degree but I would add the store link, it has potential to make real money! Let me know if you think of any new ideas.

Best regards,
Business Doctor

patty said...

Love the site - good luck, I have a 7 year old too - they are awesome, aren't they?

Business doctor has some great insights - as far as the charity idea, you can use Squidoo ( to create your own page and there's a charity tie-in to it -

check it out.

keep it going, Patty


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